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Dimensions: approx. 38 cm x 38 cm
  • Cuddle cloth: 100% organic cotton 
  • Wooden ring: untreated maple / linden wood (color and shape differences are normal)

Please remove the comforter from the teether before washing.

!! Caution !! Never leave babies unattended with a teether or comforter.

Delivery time: 3-7 working days (applies to deliveries to Germany)

See delivery times for other countries here.

Which sling length you choose depends on your own stature. With the lengths we offer, you can use all ways of carrying. If both parents want to use the same sling and different lengths are required according to the size chart, we recommend choosing the longer version.
Since cotton always shrinks the first time it is washed, our slings are approx. 7% longer than stated. This will ensure that the cloth is the correct length after washing.


Women length
up to size 36 approx. 4.2 m
Size 38-42 approx. 4.7 m
Size 44-50 approx. 5.2 m


up to size 50 (M) approx. 4.70 m
Size 52-56 (L-XL) approx. 5.20 m




We recommend ironing the babywrap after washing. The fabric becomes nice and soft again and permanent wrinkling can be prevented. Since untreated cotton shrinks a bit the first time it is washed, our wraps are approx. 7% longer than stated. This ensures that the sling is the right length after washing.

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