The most beautiful place in the world, very close to mom and dad, becomes even safer if you pay attention to a few things.
  • The baby is seated in the correct position when the wearer can kiss the baby's head with no problem.
  • Nothing should hinder your nose and mouth and thus your breathing.
  • The baby's knees should be significantly higher than the bottom, the legs wide apart and bent.
  • The correct fit of the sling must be checked regularly while it is being carried. The back and neck should be well supported by the sling.
  • When bending over, the child must stay close to the body.
  • So that the baby is not injured during the first attempts to tie the sling, we recommend practicing on the bed (soft landing) first. A second person will help.
  • When tying the sling, it is important that the baby is secured with one hand whenever possible.
  • To be on the safe side, the sling should be checked for cracks, holes or other damage before each use.
  • The baby must not be carried face forward in the sling. This puts too much strain on the back and leaves the baby vulnerable to too many impressions.

The safety of the baby is the responsibility of the parents.

Please read our safety instructions and the tying instructions carefully and contact a midwife or carrying advice if anything is unclear.

Have fun wearing it!